Creative Direction . Production Design


My love of film as a child pushed me to start creating from a young age. Now four years into the film industry has given me a wider perspective on who and what I want to be. In film it is hard to define a person as a single role. I am a creative, I am an animator and a lover of all things film. I am motivated by the passion from the team that surrounds me and relish more then anything, any opportunity to push the boundaries of storytelling. Be it by challenging myself personally or by getting behind a totally radical new scheme. I'm almost always 100% in. 


"The love of story- The belief that your vision can only be expressed through story, that characters can be more "real" than people, that the fictional world is more profound than the concrete."

Robert McKee


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While in Japan I have been brainstorming new story ideas and working on my gesture drawing. 1.jpg