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Graduating and the eventual completion of Maqluba

Today I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Screen Arts. It should really feel like an achievement, I should be proud and excited about whats to come. However, I can't help but feel incredibly under-qualified. I guess that's one of the major negatives when pursuing any type of career, there is always room to improve, always ways to be better at what we do. Instead of being proud and excited I feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about my future. However, I am also incredibly determined to be successful in such a competitive industry and look forward to tackling the next lot of challenges head on.

I finished Maqluba much like many undergraduates finish their final project; In an abundance of stress, never-ending drama and a pool of self doubt. But it is done! I am happy with the outcome, although there will always be the wish to improve and I still hold onto the hope that one day I can truly do the story justice. Below is the behind the scenes footage which shows a little of the work that went into making Maqluba happen.