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Going Under the Bed

I have spent the last three months in Pre-production for one of my biggest shoots yet. Under the Bed is an ambitious and authentic film directed by Ray Larsen.

This project challenged me as an Art Director in a number of ways. I was forced to look at a multitude of situations, on a tight budget I had to adapt and problem solve quickly in order for us to hit our targets.

We pushed through on an even tighter schedule and managed to wrap on set within our timeframe.

The Music Box

One of the biggest challenges for this set was the design, build and transportation of a life size music box, scaled to fit our main actress, Joyce inside comfortably and to rotate on action. The construction of the box involved two brilliant engineer minds and three weekends of sleepless nights. Overall we were impressed with the finished look. The large mirror created a few complications on set but was effective in the shot so worth all the extra effort we put in to make it viable! I am so incredibly proud of my team for this project and look forward to the next challenge that gets thrown our way.